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Having a 20 years of experience in facial and its kinds, threading, brow sculpting, waxing etc. we stand out of all the rest same category businesses.
Our business is to enhance the already present quintessential allure in you with a little trim and scale. Our services thus focus on bringing out the best your features have to offer. Come and experience our passion for beauty with us.

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297 reviews
  • Debbie Solano·

    I am a first time (and very happy) microblading girl! First, I recommend taking the time for your initial consult. It was great to get ideas of shape & color for my brows and Bhavna took time to match my natural lines and shades and make recommendations which made the actual day of my microblading very reassuring. You should know that there are restrictions on some meds, foods and supplements before you have microblasding done so call ahead and be prepared so you know your salon's recommendations. There is paperwork to sign as you are technically getting a tatoo so take the time to read the details.

    Bhavna's salon is not glittery or fancy but is very clean and comfortable. Bhavna is calming and professional, time efficient but not rushed at all! Be prepared to spend 1.5 - 2 hrs when you have your microblading. The process was a slightly uncomfortable sensation but not painful as Bhavna thoroughly numbed the area with gel ahead of time. There are very specific but simple care instructions to follow afterwards. There was soreness but very tolerable & not bothersome by any stretch. I could tell my eyebrow area was a bit reddened and slightly puffy but no one around me could see anything very out of the ordinary until I pointed it out. I was very strict about following the aftercare instructions! I went to Christmas outings and other events through the holidays even while my eyebrows were healing but never was worried that my eyebrows looked anything but great!
    I am now almost 3 weeks out and am thoroughly satisfied with the results. It is normal to go back after several weeks and full healing for touch ups but honestly I don't think there is much to be done so far. I highly recommend letting Bhavna take care of your eyebrows! She took great care of me is obviously an experienced eyebrow artist!

  • Rickie·

    I absolutely LOVE Bhavna!!! I’ve been coming here almost two years and she gets my eyebrows together each time. I’ll never go back to waxing when she threads my eyebrows so good!

  • Tequila·

    I’ve been to many different places to get my eyebrows threaded, this is by far the best and I will not dare let anyone else touch my brows. Very personal and polite each and every time I come, which I had been coming for almost 2 years. I appreciate good businesses such as this, makes me happy to know that it exists and I am not regretful of the long commute. Please support, you will not regret it! Thank you so much for years of satisfaction!

  • Lisa B·

    I am in from out of town and booked my first visit on the fly and was very pleased with the threading services I received! It was a very friendly and professional experience, and I would definitely book again on my next visit to the area. I highly recommend Bhavna's!

  • Sarah·

    They did such a great job!

  • Natalie·

    I got the microblading done here and am very pleased with how they came out! Bhavna is wonderful. Definitely a pro at what she does. Highly recommend!

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